SOLD OUT! Thanks for supporting the cause. Stay warm!

Thankful AF

We’ve sold our last hat! Thank you for the unbelievable support. Now it’s time to get some new coats to kids in need. Stay warm!

The Original Cold AF Trapper

Minnesota-grade flannel, soft, faux fur lining and every purchase supplies a new coat to a child in need. Kindness is always in style. 


Operation Warm

100% of our profits go to Operation Warm. That means for every hat you purchase, we can donate a brand-new winter coat to a child in need. That’s spreading the warmth.


How long does it take?

Good question! You should receive your order 2 to 3 weeks after payment is received.

Can I cancel my order?

Sorry, all sales are final once your order is placed.

What is Operation Warm?

Operation Warm manufactures and provides new winter coats to children in need, improving self-confidence, warmth, and well-being. Through our partnership with Operation Warm, each Cold AF hat equals one new coat donated to a child in need.

Does Cold AF use real fur to make their hats?

No! Animals need to stay warm too.

What is The Mad Owl?

The Mad Owl is a sweet local business that sells a line of beanies and onesies with hand-stamped muslin patches.  We're unrelated businesses, but we share a love for Minnesota and all things cold AF. You can check them out at

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